Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in New York

Why are FRANCKEL & PLEVY, LLP the best motorcycle accident lawyers in New York?

  • We have represented motorcyclists since August 2002 when Full Throttle NY Magazine started and were the only NY motorcycle lawyers advertising in the magazine for several years. We advertise on the inside front cover of Full Throttle NY Magazine.
  • We know how to prove the driver caused your motorcycle accident and why it wasn’t your fault!
  • We started the motorcycle awareness campaign BE AWARE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE®
  • We really give personal service! You can call us days/nights/weekends as often as you want to speak with Attorneys Phil Franckel or Rob Plevy!
  • NO LEGAL FEE for money we recover for your motorcycle damage!
  • NO LEGAL FEE for estate work in wrongful death cases!

We’re the best motorcycle accident lawyers in New York because we take difficult, complex motorcycle accidents other lawyers refuse!

the best trial lawyers in New York got money for a motorcycle running a red light Ran a Red Light — We settled a case for the entire $100,000 insurance policy where a witness saw our client run a red light in Brooklyn and the NYPD police report showed our client ran a red light. Our client’s case was declined by two other New York accident lawyers.


motorcycle ran stop sign Ran a Stop Sign — We settled a case for the entire insurance policy where our client admitted he ran a stop sign in Suffolk and a witness saw the motorcycle run a stop sign. Our client’s case was declined by two other New York accident lawyers.


only the best lawyers in New York could get money for a drunk motorcyclist Drunk Motorcyclist — Our client had a blood alcohol level of .203 measured in the hospital one hour after his motorcycle accident on the Belt Parkway in Queens. He was injured in a hit-and-run accident and only had $25,000 uninsured coverage for hit-and-run accidents. Despite the fact that he was drunk and he only had $25,000 insurance coverage, the case was settled for $155,000.


Motorcycle police officer accident Motorcycle Police Officer Hit Left Turning Car in Rear — Our client broke his leg when he hit a car in the rear which was making a left turn in front of him in Suffolk County, New York. The insurance company offered a $50,000 settlement. We then won a summary judgment motion which  ruled he driver was 100% at fault and awarded our client 9% interest on the money for his injuries. At trial, the insurance company offered $150,000. We declined it and the jury awarded $425,000.

Hit & Run Motorcycle Accident Hit & Run Denied by Insurance Company — Our client’s motorcycle hit a guardrail leading from Nichols road to the LIE and she was knocked unconscious. The police report stated she lost control of her motorcycle and her insurance company refused to pay her $50,000 uninsured coverage. At trial, the police officer testified she told him she lost control on gravel. We won and got $50,000 for our client.

motorcycle collision damage Motorcycle Damage — Where an insurance company offered the entire $25,000 injury liability policy but offered only 50% of the motorcycle collision damage, we’re continuing the lawsuit to get 100% of the motorcycle collision damage for our client even though we already earned our legal fee for the injury and we do not charge a legal fee for the motorcycle damage!

Custom motorcycle accident damageMotorcycle Damage — Our client was injured and his custom-built motorcycle was totaled when a car hit his motorcycle in Queens, NY. Our client was willing to accept $12,000 but the insurance company offered only $10,624.18 for the motorcycle damage. We flat bedded his motorcycle to Miracle Mile Harley-Davidson and paid for an estimate to build a new motorcycle exactly the same. The estimate was $22,134.79 and we made the insurance company pay our client $22,134.79. Since we do not charge a legal fee for motorcycle damage, our client received the entire $22,134.79!

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We only charge 1/3 legal fee which is paid at the end of your case from the money we get for you and we will advance case expenses. See our SIMPLE FEE GUARANTEE!™.

Of course, you are not responsible to pay any legal fees or case expenses if we don’t get money for you. However, WE HAVE NEVER LOST A MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT CASE!

Most motorcycle accidents are 100% the fault of the car but even if you think you were at fault or other lawyers said you don’t have a case, please call us!

We think you’ll agree, we’re the best motorcycle accident lawyers in New York

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