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If you’re a motorcyclist in New York and have questions about motorcycle insurance, we will be happy to give you a FREE unbiased insurance coverage consultation by phone.

We do not sell motorcycle insurance or any other kind of insurance. But we are very knowledgeable about motorcycle insurance and we just want to help motorcyclists.

You don’t even need to have been in a motorcycle accident for your free motorcycle insurance coverage consultation.

This consultation is for New York motorcyclists who are planning to purchase motorcycle insurance or who would like to review an existing motorcycle insurance policy.

Buying a New or Used Motorcycle from a Motorcycle Dealer?

Please call us if you’re buying or just purchased a new or used motorcycle from a motorcycle dealer.

We have had several clients who purchased motorcycles from a dealer with a bank loan and had no collision coverage. This occurred when motorcyclists purchased or changed their insurance on their smartphone.

Motorcycle dealers should make sure that you have collision coverage but don’t always verify that you purchased collision coverage. After a motorcycle accident, you can end up owing the bank many thousands of dollars if you have the wrong insurance coverage.

What We Will Explain about Your Motorcycle Insurance

We will explain:

  • The different parts and coverages on your motorcycle insurance policy;
  • What you should have;
  • Where to save money if that’s what you’re looking to do;
  • What coverages you may want to consider in your motorcycle insurance policy; and
  • Other questions you may have about your motorcycle insurance.

We will educate you in a language you can understand so your not confused about what insurance you do or do not have or need covering both you and your motorcycle.

Why Are We Offering Our Valuable Time to Help You for Free?

  1. Because motorcyclists have no idea what their motorcycle insurance policy provided or that for a small amount of money they could have been well insured for medical bills and damage to their motorcycle.
  2. Because many of our motorcycle accident clients had nasty surprises after a motorcycle accident.
  3. Because insurance salespeople don’t give the proper advice and are not legally required to.
  4. If you buy motorcycle insurance online, you won’t know what you need or don’t need.

We want to provide a valuable free service for New York motorcyclists and, of course, we hope that you will call us in the event you need a motorcycle accident lawyer.  We do not sell motorcycle insurance and there is no obligation of any kind. We just want to help NY motorcyclists!

How to Get Your Free Motorcycle Insurance Consultation

We can provide you with your free consultation by phone or at our office on weekdays and most nights & weekends. The only thing else we could do is to pay for your insurance (but we’ll stop at the free consultation at a time convenient for you).

For your free consultation, call 1-800-HURT-911 (1-800-487-8911) days/nights/weekends and say that you want to speak with Phil Franckel about your motorcycle insurance.

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Get Motorcycle Lawyers Rob Plevy, Esq. and Phil Franckel, Esq. at the HURT911® Personal Injury Dream Team™ on your side and become a member of our family!

“I endorse these guys 100% they handled my [motorcycle] accident very well! And they are genuine human beings.”
—Frank Sundancer Perugi

Please take a look at some of our:

We created the popular motorcycle awareness campaign you know and have seen!

No Win — No Fee — No Expenses — Guaranteed!

At HURT911® you can speak, text, or email Rob Plevy, Esq. and Phil Franckel, Esq. whenever you need throughout your case and afterward, days/nights/weekends.

Call days/nights/weekends for a free consultation with no obligation.
Call right now! 1-800-HURT-911 | 1-800-487-8911

Motorcycle Attorney Phil Franckel talks about how motorcycle accidents are different

Partner Rob Plevy, Esq.

Motorcycle Injury Attorney Rob Plevy, Esq.

Partner Rob Plevy, Esq.

Get the HURT911® Personal Injury Dream Team™ on your side!
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