NY Motorcycle Insurance Buying Tips

Buying motorcycle insurance in New York is more complicated than you would like. You should become familiar with the important parts of your motorcycle insurance policy, but you can make things easier for yourself by knowing a few questions to ask and buying insurance from the right companies.

I recommend that you buy motorcycle insurance from an independent insurance agent who can provide you with advice. If you purchase insurance directly from an insurance company, the person on the phone is only an insurance sales agent and does not give insurance advice.

For instance, a salesperson might talk you into high liability insurance limits but fail to sell you inexpensive underinsured coverage to protect yourself.  Lawsuits against insurance companies because their salesperson did not provide good advice have been unsuccessful because their job is only sales and not to give advice.

When you purchase motorcycle insurance directly from an insurance company, you become the motorcycle insurance expert!  Are you really an insurance expert?

Do not purchase motorcycle insurance because the premium is cheap.  When you have a motorcycle accident, you will seriously regret having a cheap insurance policy.  You will find, too late, that you have minimum benefits under the New York State insurance law.

My recommendations:

  • Buy your motorcycle insurance from an independent insurance agent
  • Never asked for “Full Coverage”. There is no such thing.  Know what you are buying!
  • Buy the maximum liability insurance limits you can afford (this allows you to purchase higher uninsured/underinsured coverage)
  • Buy the maximum uninsured/underinsured coverage limit (this limit should be at least as much as your liability insurance limits)
  • Remember that in New York, PIP or no-fault coverage does not exist for motorcycle operators or passengers, so make sure you purchase separate medical coverage or have good health insurance. If you are injured in a New York motorcycle accident, your medical bills can easily cost as much as $35,000-$150,000 and could cost a lot more.
  • While only available in small amounts, buy “med pay”.
  • Buy Collision Damage Coverage

You can read here about some about the important parts of a New York motorcycle insurance policy which will help you determine the questions you want to ask.

Unfortunately, I represent many New York motorcyclists who find they don’t have enough underinsured coverage because they purchased motorcycle insurance from a company that sells direct. You can avoid these insurance problems by knowing what coverage you need in your motorcycle insurance policy, which insurance companies to avoid, and by spending as little as $60-$100 per year more than the cheapest motorcycle insurance you can find.

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Philip L. Franckel, Esq.

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