Road Rage

Unfortunately, we’ve represented motorcyclists who were injured by driver road rage when drivers just felt they own the road, don’t like motorcycles or just don’t care.

We can go after these drivers with a summary judgment motion to make them pay 9% interest. A summary judgment motion asks to the court to rule that the defendant was 100% responsible for causing your motorcycle accident. A jury will then only decide how much money to give you and you will also get 9%/year interest.

The screen capture below is of a post on Facebook from someone who saw this driver’s road rage against the motorcyclist. The photo shows our client’s motorcycle in the street after a pickup truck driver cut him off on purpose causing our client to hit the truck in the rear.

The insurance company didn’t want to pay because the truck was hit in the rear but we made them pay. The best part for us was proving what he did and making sure his insurance premiums went up!

Facebook comment about motorcycle hit on purpose

If you had a motorcycle accident because of road rage, call New York’s motorcycle lawyers, Phil and Rob at 1-800-487-8911

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