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Settlements & Verdicts

$9,983.72 Motorcycle Damage

The insurance company for the car which injured our client offered to pay their entire $25,000 insurance policy for his injuries. However, they are only agreeing to 50% liability and will only pay 50% of his motorcycle damage.

Our client wants 100% of his motorcycle damage, so we refused to settle the case and we are currently proceeding against the driver to prove he was 100% at fault and get both a large verdict against him for our client’s injuries and recover 100% of the damage to the motorcycle. File # 11630

$425,000 Jury Verdict at trial (Suffolk County) — Broken Femur

New York Jury Verdict Review & Analysis logo This settlement was published in New York Jury Verdict Review & Analysis.


Motorcycle police officerSuffolk County is known for low verdicts! Adirondack Insurance originally offered to settle this case for $50,000.

Our client is a motorcycle police officer who was injured when he was off duty on his private motorcycle.

His motorcycle was going straight when a car coming out of a side street made a left turn in front of him after sundown at 9PM. His motorcycle struck the driver’s side of the car’s rear bumper causing a broken leg (thigh bone).

Because he struck the rear bumper of the car, the insurance company alleged the accident was his fault. Additionally, he testified at his deposition that he was not wearing his glasses although his license required him to wear glasses.

Our client returned to work as a motorcycle police officer six months after the accident. At the trial, the insurance company argued that the plaintiff had a complete recovery and returned to full work duty without any restrictions or difficulties.

After our client’s deposition and the deposition of the driver, we filed a motion for summary judgment which requested the court to rule before trial that the driver was 100% at fault. The defense lawyer offered to settle for $80,000 or admit 50% liability if we withdrew our summary judgment motion but we declined that offer.

The court ruled in our favor and found that the driver was 100% at fault. The defense attorney filed a notice to appeal the court’s decision and offered $100,000 to settle which we declined.

At the time of the trial, the offer remained at $100,000. In the middle of trial, the defense attorney offered $300,00 which we rejected. The jury returned a verdict of $425,000. The insurance company refused to pay the verdict and advised that they were appealing the summary judgment decision (which would have taken another 1.5-2 years).

We refused to accept anything less than the jury verdict and four weeks later, the insurance company gave in and paid the entire verdict of $425,000.

The editor at NY Jury Verdict Review was so shocked that we won summary judgment, he called to ask how we won and left this message on our voice mail



$250,000 Settlement — Dental Injury (Nassau County)

New York Jury Verdict Review & Analysis logo This settlement was published in New York Jury Verdict Review & Analysis.


Liberty Mutual Insurance Company originally offered to settle this claim for $90,000.

Our client was a motorcyclist who was struck by an SUV whose driver was trying to pass her on the exit ramp of a parkway.

The motorcyclist had a broken nose, some scars and dental damage but did not lose any teeth. She purchased another motorcycle and unfortunately had another accident soon after her first accident. In the second accident, she broke her nose again and had more serious scars on top of the previous scars. The second accident reduced the value of those injuries and the main injury became the damage to her teeth.

She came to us after seeing two other lawyers who were unable to find a dentist willing to treat her on a lien (without being paid until the end of the case). We were able to get her teeth fixed on a lien at a cost of $16,000 by a prosthodontist (a specialized dentist). Her condition worsened and her dentist said that she would need some implants.

This case was settled a few weeks before the trial was to start for $250,000.

Teeth damaged in motorcycle accident


1,000,000 Jury Verdict at trial (Queens County) — Head Injury

Our client was riding his motorcycle on Port Washington Boulevard in Port Washington when he struck a car coming out of a shopping center to make a left turn. He broke four ribs and his helmet hit the ground causing a concussion resulting in memory difficulties.

We filed and won a Summary Judgment motion asking the New York State Supreme Court to rule that the driver was 100% at fault for causing the motorcycle accident. Since we won our motion, the jury only decided how much money to compensate our client for his injury.

Kemper Auto & Home Insurance never made a settlement offer until very late in this case even though we proved their driver was 100% at fault for causing the accident. Eventually, they requested a mediation where they offered to settle this case for $150,000. Later, they increased the offer to $250,000. Just before trial they increased the offer to $400,000 which we also declined.

Kemper’s refusal to offer a settlement which we believed to be fair caused considerable distress to their insureds, who were also attorneys. Because this case could not be settled, they had to hire their own personal lawyers because they were worried that we would get a trial verdict above their insurance policy and go after their personal assets.They were lucky because the verdict came close but did not exceed their policy.

At the trial, the defense expert, neuropsychologist William B. Barr, PhD, testified that our client’s memory loss was caused by years of smoking marijuana and medication he was taking but the jury didn’t believe it.

After the trial, the defense lawyer asked the jury to give our client $100,000 only for his broken ribs. The jury gave our client $1,000,000.

helmet damage


500,000 Settlement — Wrongful Death of 20 year old

This wrongful death settlement was for a 20 year old motorcyclist who was tragically killed when his motorcycle struck a car turning left in front of him. A witness testified at a DMV license hearing that the motorcyclist was next to him at a red light and took off at a high rate of speed.

We donated our money to pay the legal fees to set up the estate which we do with every wrongful death case.

The motorcyclist was never married and had no children dependent on him for support.

We demanded $500,000 to settle the claim and an offer was made for $375,000. We declined the offer and settled the claim two weeks later (before a lawsuit was filed) for the entire $500,000 insurance policy.


$50,000 After trial — Hit & Run

Nationwide Insurance Company refused to pay this claim because they said she lost control of her motorcycle and and was never hit by a car.

Our client said she was riding her motorcycle on this curved ramp leading to the Long Island Expressway when she was hit in the rear by a car causing her motorcycle to hit the guardrail.

guardrail on curve of highway ramp

Since this was a hit and run accident and there was no one to sue, our client could only file an uninsured claim against her own motorcycle insurance policy for her maximum coverage of $50,000 even though she had serious injuries. This is why you should increase the underinsured coverage on your motorcycle insurance policy.

The insurance company presented three witnesses at the trial. The police officer testified that, in between going in and out of consciousness, our client told him she lost control of her motorcycle on the gravel seen in this photo.

Sand and gravel alleged to have caused the motorcycle accident

Two other witnesses were driving in cars behind the motorcycle and those drivers testified that they did not see a car hit the motorcycle.

The trial was conducted without a jury and the judge ruled in our client’s favor finding that she was hit by a car. After the decision, the insurance company paid the entire policy of $50,000.


$150,000 settlement — Scar

This scar on our client’s forearm was caused by a laceration from a motorcycle accident.  He did not have surgery.  This case was settled for $150,000.

forearm scar from a motorcycle accident


$155,000 settlement paid by GEICO with only $25,000 insurance! & our client was drunk!

This settlement for $155,000 for a drunk motorcyclist with only $25,000 insurance was so amazing it was published in New York Jury Verdict Review & Analysis.

Broken ankle settlement published

This motorcyclist was “falling down” drunk (0.203 BAC) while riding his motorcycle in Queens on the Belt Parkway!  He was struck in a “hit and run” accident by an unidentified car which left the scene so we had no one to sue. He only had $25,000 uninsured coverage on his motorcycle insurance policy but I was able to get GEICO to pay more than his uninsured coverage limit!  GEICO hired a toxicologist and argued that he wasn’t hit by a car but fell off his motorcycle because he was drunk. His case settled for $155,000 even though he only had $25,000 insurance!

This photo shows the broken ankle
photo showing fractured ankle after a motorcycle accident


$25,000 settlement — motorcyclist ran stop sign

A witness saw our client run a stop sign and our client even admitted to the police officer that he ran a stop sign. Two other lawyers refused to take the case. We settled this case for the entire $25,000 insurance policy. We even got money for the damage to our client’s motorcycle.


$100,000 settlement — bicyclist ran red light

A witness saw our client run a red light and two other lawyers refused to take the case. We settled this case for the entire $100,000 insurance policy with GEICO. GEICO didn’t pay his dentist for dental treatment.

We got the case two years after the accident when the dental office manager asked us for help to get the dental bills paid. We got the dental bills paid within two weeks so he was able to finish getting treatment. Then we got him $100,000 just a few weeks later.


$100,000 arbitration decision — Ligament tear in a thumb

Phoenix Insurance Company offered only $5,000 to settle this claim, arguing that our client put his motorcycle down for no reason other than he was afraid and that his injury was minor.  He put his motorcycle down to avoid hitting a car suddenly backing out of a driveway. $100,000 was ordered to be paid to our client for his injury by an arbitrator (a retired Westchester Supreme Court Judge).  The arbitration cost was only $1,400 instead of $25,000 for trial, so our client got to keep a lot more of his money.



$465,000 jury verdict at trial (Nassau County) — Torn Meniscus (Knee injury)

This verdict is believed to be the largest verdict on record in Nassau County for a meniscus tear and was published in New York Jury Verdict Review & Analysis.

NY knee injury verdict report

GEICO’s driver had $300,000 insurance coverage and GEICO only offered $10,000 to settle this claim, putting his personal assets at risk. Four years after the accident, GEICO increased their offer to $20,000. (Read how you can avoid becoming liable for more than your insurance policy)

The verdict was for a motorcyclist with a meniscus tear (knee injury) with arthroscopic surgery to repair the meniscus.  Our client was struck by a car turning left.  The jury found the driver was 100% at fault.  GEICO hired two orthopedic surgeons and a radiologist to testify that the meniscus was not torn and the surgery was unnecessary.

Our client’s knee injury after the motorcycle accidentKnee Injury


$1.25 million settlement at trial — Concussion

A 46 year old woman with minimal impact did not report headaches until a month after her accident. Her first neurologist said her headaches were either early MS or from prior lymes disease.  The insurance company obviously thought this case had problems.  Settlement offers were $50,000, $75,000, $125,000, $150,000, $175,000, 250,000, $300,000, $500,000, $550,000, $625,000, and $725,000.  The case was settled at trial after jury selection for $1.25 Million.  You might not think a concussion is serious or even realize how it affects you but it is a very serious injury!  Read more about concussions and motorcycle accidents.

damaged helmet evidencing a concussion


$225,000 settlement — Broken Forearm

The motorcyclist riding a Harley was hit by a car making a left turn. He fractured the ulna and radius in his forearm requiring surgery with internal fixation to install a plate.


$25,000 Settlement — Scar inside lip plus a small scar on his leg which was among other previous scars

Scar on inside of lip


$1,000,000 settlement — Neck Injury

Our client had a neck injury with surgery. Our client also had a prior accident causing a neck injury with surgery 10 years earlier.


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Medical Liens — Negotiated Reductions

See more information on these lien reductions and letters showing the reductions
See what we do to reduce hospital bills and stop your hospital bills from going to collection

New York accident lawyers usually charge 1/3 legal fee of the reduced amount of the lien. We do not charge a legal fee to negotiate a reduction of these liens.

Following are some examples of the amounts we saved our clients:

  • $26,241.05 NYS lien for Stony Brook Hospital — client paid $1,939.04 (File #11620 Carmine)
  • $5,910.30 Medicare lien — client paid $0 (File #11516)
  • $6,676.99 NYU Winthrop University Hospital — client paid $1,152 (File #11613)
  • $963,000 reduced to $516,297.07 later reduced to $0 NYS lien for Stony Brook Hospital — client paid $0 (File #11462)
  • $113,311.07 Suffolk Medicaid lien — client paid $0 (File #11462)
  • $4,265.83 HIP medical insurance lien — client paid $0 (File #11425)
  • $32,000 Medicare lien — client paid $600 (File #11583)
  • $32,000 Brookhaven hospital lien settled for $1,6000 of which $1,000 was paid by insurance – client paid $600 (File #11454)
  • $35,000 hospital lien — client paid $0 (File #11140)
  • $94,523.63 NYS lien for Stony Brook Hospital — client paid $13,246.85 (File #11548)

The results mentioned here are actual settlements, verdicts, and lien reductions, however, prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Every motorcycle accident has many differences which will either negatively or positively impact the case. As can be seen by some of the results above, we have accomplished some really good results.

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