Taxi vs Motorcycle

What happens when a taxi hits a motorcycle?

Many lawyers don’t like representing motorcyclists. Lawyers also hate cases against taxis. But we love motorcyclists and we love suing taxi companies.

Why don’t attorneys like representing motorcyclists?

Because both defendant’s attorneys and plaintiff’s attorneys have the belief that the people who would be on a jury generally don’t like motorcyclists and that consequently, the trial won’t go well. We don’t believe that and we love motorcyclists. We’ll make sure the jury loves you.

Why don’t lawyers like suing taxi companies?

Because most taxis are insured by American Transit Insurance by other similar insurance companies that don’t cooperate with the claims process and don’t settle cases.  Some are self-insured with a bond and are represented by a law firm that won’t settle.

Why do we like suing taxi companies?

We will immediately place a lien on a taxi medallion when you are injured by a taxi.  Taxis in New York must have minimum insurance of $100,000 but the medallion is worth approx $1.5 Million.  Medallions are usually heavily mortgaged but increase in value rapidly.  That’s why it’s important to assert a lien immediately.

We love suing taxi companies because we love winning. We force them to cooperate in many ways. For instance, because they don’t always show up in court to force an adjournment of the court date, we fax their attorney on the day before a court appearance to remind them to appear in court. If they don’t show up, we show the fax to the judge and ask that the judge impose a fine for not showing up.

One of the reasons these insurance companies don’t cooperate is that they are hugely overworked with too many claims and not enough claims representatives. This is also true for their attorneys.

We have an easy time with these cases because while the defense doesn’t have the time to prepare their case and their taxi driver, we spend the time to prepare your case and to prepare you thoroughly.

While the taxi driver who struck your motorcycle will be unprepared, you’ll testify at your deposition like an attorney.

When it’s time for the insurance defense to have their doctor examine you, we will be there with you and will even bring our doctor.

We recently represented a motorcyclist who was hit by a taxi and the taxi’s attorney didn’t want to pay the $100,000 because he said juries don’t like motorcyclists! They offered the entire policy 2 days after depositions because their client testified horribly and our client was well prepared and testified like a lawyer.

Of course, we love representing motorcyclists!

Other Types of Motorcycle Accidents

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