Scars caused by motorcycle accidents are usually caused either by a laceration, surgery, infection, road rash or burn.

Scars are very valuable and easier to settle because of the visible and obvious nature of the injury (See Results).

This photo shows a scar on a forearm which was caused by a laceration (a cut) from a motorcycle accident. We obtained a $150,000 settlement for this scar.

Photo showing a scar on the motorcyclist's forearm

This scar was caused by a laceration from a motorcycle accident.

This image shows a scar from road rash in a motorcycle accident which became infected resulting in 3 days in the hospital; additional lost wages; and a permanent scar.  The car which struck the motorcyclist is still responsible for injuries which arise after the accident even though the infection may have been contracted in the hospital.

infected laceration from motorcycle accident

Surgical scars from arthroscopic surgery are small. However, surgery to repair a fracture usually results in large scars.

This x-ray shows the plates installed after surgery for a broken forearm. The next photo shows the scar which was formed because of the surgery.


This is the scar which was formed after the surgery for the fractured forearm pictured in the above x-ray.

Photo showing scar from surgery on forearm

Scar on Forearm

We obtained a $25,000 settlement for this scar.

Scar on inside of lip

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