Road Rash

Road rash from motorcycle accidents usually result in permanent scarring and can be extremely valuable injuries.

If you have a tattoo, a road rash scar will disfigure and distort your tattoo resulting in additional damages. It’s sort of like disfiguring a valuable painting on your wall.

These 2 photos show an intricate tattoo which was horribly defaced by road rash. This photo shows our client’s entire tattoo on his shoulder and arm.

Tattoo Damaged by Road Rash

This photo shows a large piece of the tattoo which was removed by abrasion with the road.

The portion of the tattoo which was removed by road rash

This photo shows a 2nd degree road rash which resulted in a Permanent scar. See other types of permanent scars from motorcycle accidents.

2nd Degree Road Rash on a knee

2nd Degree Road Rash

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