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We know why drivers don’t see motorcycles
— We know how to prove the driver caused your motorcycle accident and why it wasn’t your fault!
—Let us prove it wasn’t your fault!

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We offer NY motorcycle accident victims:

  • FREE Consultation – No Obligation
  • NO FEE Unless We Get Money For You
  • 1/3 Legal Fee Paid From Your Settlement at the End of Your Case
  • SIMPLE FEE GUARANTEE! — NO CHARGE for: processing lawsuit cash advance, copying, postage, fax, messenger fees, travel, computer storage, telephone, legal research and many other charges!
  • CASE EXPENSES are reimbursed at the end of your case and only if we get money for you!
  • NO LEGAL FEE for estate work in wrongful death cases!
  • NO LEGAL FEE for Money We Recover for Your Motorcycle Damage!!!
  • We Fill Out MV-104 DMV Accident Report & Insurance Forms For You (You should not fill these out yourself and should be filled out differently for motorcycle accidents)
  • We Know How To Search For $Million Umbrella Insurance!
  • We Can Do An Asset Search — You’ll know when accepting the policy is right
  • No Health Insurance?  We Can Arrange Medical Treatment, Orthopedic Surgery, Physical Therapy, Plastic Surgery & Dental Treatment to be paid at the end of your case at the defendant’s expense!
  • We’re knowledgeable and experienced motorcycle accident lawyers since 2002!
  • Personal Servicecall days/nights/weekends as often as you want to speak with Attorneys Phil Franckel or Rob Plevy!  You won’t speak with paralegals!  Listen to these 2 short clips from voicemails from clients surprised when Phil Franckel didn’t answer the phone (it happens rarely).
    Sue D.

    Susan C.

We know how to pressure the insurance company to pay (if they don’t pay, we can take your case to trial and go after the insured’s income and assets).  After receiving our letter stating our intention to go after the insured’s income and assets, a claims representative left 4 voicemails in one day and offered the entire $100,000 policy one week later!  Listen to 5 second clips from the first two voicemails:

1st voicemail “your demanding terroist letter”

2nd voicemail “your nasty letter got my blood pressure rushing today – I won’t have to go to the gym”

Call 1-800-487-8911 Free Consultation 7 days/nights — Ask any question, even if you don’t have a case!

“Motorcyclists are at the mercy of distracted drivers”

This motorcycle helmet shows damage which could indicate the rider had a concussion worth more than the $1,250,000 insurance policy!  We settled another smaller concussion (mild traumatic brain injury) for $1,250,000.  After your motorcycle accident, keep your helmet and call us immediately!

motorcycle helmet damaged from accident

Which motorcycle lawyer do you want to represent you?  Compare our website to the websites of the other 4-5 motorcycle accident attorneys in New York. Then ask yourself who can better represent you for your motorcycle accident and who will really give you personal service.

Phil Franckel was the first lawyer to advertise in Full Throttle Magazine since it’s first issue and the only lawyer in the magazine for several years.

Motorcycle Crash Attorneys Phil Franckel and Rob Plevy are lifetime members of Long Island ABATE

See how we’re helping to raise awareness of motorcycles on the roads in New York with bumper stickers, car magnets, lawn signs and billboards with our brand, BE AWARE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE®

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During your free consultation, we’ll answer any questions you may have and tell you how we can find $million umbrella insurance, settle your case quicker, and protect your settlement money from being eaten up by medical liens. Philip L. Franckel, Esq., is a New York motorcycle accident lawyer representing bikers hurt in motorcycle accidents. Phil Franckel is a Top Motorcycle Accidents Contributor at Avvo, created®, and authored over 600 pages of information on the websites about personal injury accidents and motorcycle accidents. Phil Franckel has been practicing personal injury law since 1989 and is a past Member of the Board Of Directors of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association. In his spare time, Phil Franckel volunteers his time as Commanding Officer of Communications, Nassau County Police Department Auxiliary Police Section.

If you are a motorcyclist in New York, you probably have seen our advertisements on TV and in motorcycle publications including the back cover of ABATE and the inside front cover of FT. While many personal injury attorneys do not like motorcycle cases because of the complexity of the unique legal issues involving motorcycle accidents, especially the resolution of liens for medical treatment, we prefer motorcycle accident cases and the unique issues of motorcycle accidents. We provide personal service and you can call us days/nights/weekends with any question. In fact, you can reach me right now on my personal phone number by calling 1-800-HURT-911.

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