Double Parked

Was a double parked car or truck responsible for causing your motorcycle accident?

Double parking is illegal not just so legally parked cars aren’t blocked in.  A double parked vehicle obstructing the lane of traffic is a danger to oncoming traffic.

Sometimes a double parked car or truck makes an illegal U-turn which violates as many as 4 or 5 New York State Vehicle and Traffic Laws.

New York courts have frequently held that an illegally double-parked vehicle was the cause of the accident and injury when the double parked car or truck was not moving.

Did you hit a double parked car or truck in the rear? This is one of the few times that you can hit another vehicle in the rear and not be at fault.

If you have had a motorcycle accident because of a double parked car or truck, we would like to represent you. Please call for a free consultation at 1-800-487-8911

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