Smart Helmet Can Prevent a Motorcycle Accident

Smart Helmets are almost here and can prevent a motorcycle accident, tell you where to go or alert you when someone is calling and let you answer the phone!

The Skully AR-1 helmet uses sensors, microprocessors, a camera, and a HUD (Heads Up Display) like in a fighter jet. In fact, the technology available for smart helmets comes from military development.

The Skully helmet has GPS navigation with the information appearing to be approximately ten feet in front of the rider with automatic infinitely variable focal distance which makes the GPS info display clearly no matter where the rider is looking.

A rear-viewing camera and display give a 180-degree view of what’s behind the rider. You can see if a car is coming up fast on your left just when you wanted to change lanes or whatever else is going on behind you. You can check your blind spot and all lanes behind you in one glance.

The rearview camera system displays a panoramic view instead of a small narrow area like a car’s rearview camera. The display appears just below the GPS in the bottom right corner of the helmet’s HUD.

Using Bluetooth, the helmet pairs with your smartphone and has a battery life of up to nine hours.

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