Why Would You Need a Motorcycle Lawyer?

You’ve had a motorcycle accident. Do you need a lawyer? Does it matter if the lawyer is experienced with motorcycle accidents?

Why you should contact a lawyer immediately after your accident

You’ll be better off when contacting a lawyer as soon as possible, even before an accident to learn what not to do. Your statements will likely be misunderstood from the moment police arrive and take your statement; EMS, nurses, and doctors ask you what happened; to telephone conversations with insurance representatives who are trained to ruin your case.

A motorcycle lawyer will know how to deal with your medical bills and treatment

Immediately after the accident, motorcyclists have to deal with the confusing issue of who will pay the medical bills. Even hospitals, doctors and lawyers often get this wrong. When the wrong insurance company is billed you can become responsible for the medical bills.

Many personal injury lawyers do not know you aren’t entitled to No-Fault or how your medical bills will be paid!

Motorcyclists do not get No-Fault insurance which pays for medical bills and lost wages in a car accident. If you don’t have health insurance coverage, you won’t be able to find doctors to treat you. You’ll need a motorcycle lawyer who can get doctors to treat you on a lien (when the doctor agrees to get paid at the end of your case). Although the money to pay the medical bills comes out of your settlement, it increases your settlement by the same amount because the defendant is responsible to pay you that money.

A motorcycle lawyer who deals with this regularly has the ability to get the medical treatment you’ll need such as orthopedic surgery, therapy, plastic surgery and dental treatment without you having to pay for it up front.

A motorcycle lawyer knows the serious injury threshold for Cars does not apply to Motorcycles

To receive money for pain-and-suffering, motorcyclists are not required to prove they have a serious injury which is required for the occupant of a car. This is an important benefit to motorcyclists because it is very complicated and difficult to prove, even if you had surgery. Lawyers who are not experienced with motorcycle accidents are often unaware of this.

Many lawyers do not know you don’t need to prove a serious injury! We even got a call from a lawyer at a very large law firm advertising on TV for motorcycle accidents, asking for advice about proving a serious injury for one of their motorcycle accident cases.

We know how to prove your motorcycle accident wasn’t your fault!

Determining and proving liability (who’s at fault) in a motorcycle accident is different than a car accident. There are some laws which provide a benefit to motorcyclists and help prove the driver of the car was at fault.

Motorcycle accidents are almost always caused because the driver didn’t see the motorcycle. Understanding why the driver didn’t see you helps to prove the driver is at fault for causing your motorcycle accident. Understanding other aspects such as why a motorcycle cannot stop as fast as a car is also important to prove the driver is at fault.

Which accident lawyers handle motorcycle accidents?

Very few personal injury lawyers are experienced with motorcycle accidents. Many lawyers don’t even want motorcycle accidents. We do!

We have been advertising for motorcycle accidents in FullThrottle NY/NE Magazine since the magazine started and for several years were the only motorcycle accident lawyers in the magazine. 

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