Motorcycle Profiling

What is motorcycle profiling?

There are many definitions but generally, motorcycle profiling is a traffic stop where the reason for the stop is that you’re on a motorcycle or wearing motorcycle clothing.

A traffic stop is illegal, under federal law, if you are stopped only because you’re wearing a motorcycle club’s patch or colors.

It is not illegal to stop a motorcyclist who is wearing colors and is following too closely. When a police officer makes a traffic stop because a motorcycle is following too closely but in fact was not, that’s profiling.

This video clearly shows profiling

What to Do If You Are Stopped Because of Motorcycle Profiling

If you believe you were profiled, contact the Motorcycle Profiling Project. Email the following details of your profiling stop to [email protected]:

  • Date of traffic stop
  • Time
  • Location
  • Name of police or sheriff’s department
  • Length of time you were stopped; and
  • Any other details you think are important.

Contact Your Political Representatives to Stop Motorcycle Profiling

If you believe motorcycle profiling by law enforcement agencies is wrong and should be ended, use the link below contact your representatives in Congress and ask them to support the Motorcycle Profiling Resolution (H.Res.318 and S.Res.154).

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is working with the National Council of Clubs and the Motorcycle Profiling Project to call on our elected officials to end unconstitutional profiling of motorcyclists across our county. If your member of congress has signed on, you can still ask them to lean on their colleagues to support these resolutions.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Tell Congress that pulling over a motorcyclist because of his clothes, cut or bike is discriminatory

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