Can I get money for injuries if I was driving without a motorcycle license? Part 1

I received a call from someone who was hurt when a car struck his motorcycle and he was calling to find out if he could have a case.  He didn’t think of calling a motorcycle lawyer at the time of the accident because he was driving without a motorcycle operator’s license.

The caller said because he was driving the motorcycle illegally and was issued a ticket for driving without a license, he thought that he would not be able to have a lawsuit.  I asked him, if he had a valid motorcycle license at the time of the accident would that have prevented the accident?

Someone could be driving without a valid motorcycle license for various reasons such as: it was valid but left at home; was suspended or revoked; the driver failed to renew it; or the driver never obtained a license, but that didn’t cause the accident!

Some people think that if the motorcycle operator obeyed had the law by not driving without a license, he would not be in that place at that time and the accident would never have happened.  But that argument is ridiculous. The lack of a driver’s license is not what caused the accident.

The only issue is whether the other driver is at fault.  The caller’s injuries were 100% caused by the other driver’s negligence when the caller’s motorcycle, which was stopped at a red light, was hit in the rear by the car.  The motorcyclist is therefore entitled to be compensated for his injuries.

If a motorcyclist did not have a motorcycle license, it would only become an issue if he lied about having a license.  If the motorcyclist testifies at a deposition or in court that he or she had a motorcycle license when it was only a learner’s permit or there was no license at all, evidence from the DMV can be submitted for the purpose of showing that the motorcyclist did not have a license and lied.  The jury could now consider whether the motorcyclist is a liar and whether other testimony should be believed.

If at the time of the accident, the injured operator of a motorcycle never had a license or previously had a motorcycle license which was expired, suspended or revoked, the motorcyclist IS entitled to compensation for injuries.

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