How a Motorcycle Accident Verdict Came To Be

A motorcyclist in a head-on collision with a pickup truck was awarded a total of $6,338,491 when he suffered amputation of his leg below the knee, multiple fractures, implanted hardware, reflex sympathetic dystrophy (complex regional pain syndrome), and post-concussion syndrome.

How was this amount determined? The following itemization is illustrative of how a verdict for injuries is rendered. In this case, although the defendant claimed that the motorcyclist was 100% at fault, the motorcyclist was found to be only 15% at fault and the total amount awarded was reduced by 15%.

$589,480 Past Medical Cost
$1,846,780 Future Medical Cost
$107,232 Past Lost Earnings
$362,499 Future Lost Earnings Capability
$1,250,000 Past Pain And Suffering
$2,182,500 Future Pain And Suffering

Total Award $6,338,491
Total Award less 15% = $5,387,717.35 net award to the motorcyclist

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