Motorcycle Awareness

Because almost all of our motorcycle accident cases involve a driver who just didn’t see the motorcycle, we started a motorcycle awareness campaign to help raise awareness of motorcycles on the road.  We trademarked BE AWARE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE® and give out bumper stickers, magnetic bumper stickers, large car magnets, lawn signs, T shirts and other items.

This billboard raising awareness of motorcycles was placed at several Costco stores in New York during Motorcycle Awareness month
motorcycle awareness billboards at COSTCO stores

Giving out awareness signs at the ABATE Awareness Run
Our booth at the ABATE Awareness Run

Large Car Magnets
motorcycle awareness car magnet

Bumper Stickers
motorcycle awareness bumper sticker

Lawn Signs
motorcycle awareness lawn sign

Raising awareness on our mailing labels
motorcycle awareness mailing label

Helmet Stickers for Motorcycle Awareness

Smartphone Covers – You can even get the ringtone free!
motorcycle awareness smartphone cover

T Shirts
motorcycle awareness T shirt

Our client Ricardo’s desk with the BE AWARE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE® mouse pad